Marion Neubronner
3 min readApr 17, 2022

Travel Savoring

Why after every trip one should relive the moments for the positive psychology effect of savoring on top of gratitude for making the trop



Citizen M — 25% owned by GIC (Singapore) and it was a great stay. Known for their cocktail bar and had great location to walk downtown.

I loved their art and quirky-ness

- didn’t do breakfast cos I do intermittent fasting

Stayed 1 night at airport hotel (suited our purposes for the last night — but basically a great normal hotel chain


Illum Rooftop — we ate there twice because of the ambience and great food

Try the monkfish burger and the mussels and I went with a dark and stormy cocktail (loved it)

We brunched at a local place — have to get name from my Dane friend. And we dined at Union Kitchen and I celebrated my birthday like a typical Dane with a small flag on my table! Kinda heavy the food but obviously a hot spot for locals.

My favorite was the open faced sandwich place — LOVE IT — sooo rich I could not eat 2 of the tasting menus dishes cos I was so full. Later had food coma and slept for hours and had to cancel our Marv and Ben (came recommended and we have to try that when I return to Copenhagen)

On our train ride we had local Burger Max — not Jagger which we were told was good too. Max didn’t rock my world but was a decent burger.

We loved the food market and took some cold cuts. We also did the Tapas very crowded and popular with the post work crowd and they get out early… so make your way early or at lunch for a seat

But the other food market in Stockholm stole my heart and stomach — their steak tartare had me at hello —

even though in Copenhagen had great staff and their steaks ooooohhhhhh — their steak tartare fell second to Willy…. damn it was a close fight

We tried both -

450g. Chateaubriand — Hereford / Angus

595, -

Uruguay — Grass fed — Matured in min. 28 days


700g. “Cöte de KöD” — Hereford

595, -

Uruguay — Grain fed — Matured min. 35 days

I liked both but the Chateaubriand was definitely fatter and juicier



This won for great breakfasts — included.

Amazing view and walking trails — water or forest

Had to take uber to go downtown but I felt so relaxed staying there

Old school hotel with a history

and their own pet rabbits in the spring garden


Train — easy but my co traveller was bored — scenery wasn’t moving … and the ride was 5 hours Copenhagen to Stockholm

Use Swedish rail as it was a cheaper rate and their technical platform worked better :P we tried a few times with DSB

Even first class was 75% full but possibly because it was Easter break


Copenhagen airport is small and manageable- and had a quick covid testing center in the airport Falck

But Stockholm had the American Express Lounge and ahem yummy food as they are attached to a restaurant.

(activities too diverse to mention and we hung out with locals — did mostly touristy stuff)

Remember to pack 1 or 2 GREAT friends or family

and enjoy your own trip