Reflections on Peace, Love and Joy these Holy Days

Marion Neubronner Christmas Eve 2020

This year has been different from any other year.

In many ways, I have become sadder, fatter and madder

It is also approaching a time of the year — the end of the year. Normally I would spend it deep in Thanksgiving, deep in Christmas and deep in the New Year, because all of these three landmark times of the year, mean so much.

So in order to get myself to the place I want to be. And the person I know I can be. I decided to hold myself accountable…

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Superman told me I had to fight against Nick o’Tine. I was 11 and my teacher reminded us all of us how harmful smoking was and we needed to join the campaign against smoking. We had stories, stickers and activities and I was convinced. My father was a victim and I would simply have to take the temptation of that vile packet of cigarettes away from him. My father was helpless — I had to help him. That was what I was brainwashed to chant to myself. …

I have recently become part of the Healthcare System in Singapore. Many people were surprised to see me leave my entrepreneurial path. They were not aware of this parallel journey that led me to become an entrepreneur and now to return with the skills and heart for Healthcare.

For Care-givers who stand by — helpless and hopeful

For the Carers who care and whose mission and lives were given to heal. Great respect for you.

For the Healing.. and those who have transitioned — your spirits uplift us. Your courage and vulnerability lifts my soul.

These notes were written on…

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I am a multi-hyphenate. Multiple identities sit within me. This is true of everyone and for me, I express them in my work and my community agendas and my personal life. As such some of my friends think I lack focus. My family has no clue how to introduce me and what I do to others. Social media friends just tell me I always look busy.

I have not been intentionally secretive. I share freely if someone asks me about my business and how I make my income. My multi-faceted self was always known to me and some other of…

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My first paid project was at 8 when my next door accountant neighbor asked me to count the 1 dollar coins and put them in piles of 10 on his table. He would then pay me a few coins. This was in the early 80s and he didn’t need an assistant, he was just being an uncle mentor. I remember it fondly.

I never baby-sat or mowed the lawn’ we did not have in a Singaporean apartment; or walked a dog for money. When I was able to work during my school vacation, I became a book shop assistant in…

The Dalai Lama’s Earring

I thought they were joking when my social club 1880 said we were going to see the Dalai Lama. After all a private audience with the reincarnated Buddha and Nobel Peace Prize winner was something I always desired but never thought of because it seemed too complicated to make into a reality.

After the first briefing for the trip, another participant asked me if I was Buddhist. He was trying to ascertain the reason I would take such time and efforts to fly to Dharamshala. I told him I was Catholic and practiced Vipassana meditation and…

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There will be no father-daughter dance for me, no father walking me down the aisle at my wedding and no maternal grandfather for my children to run into his arms and pull his beard.

I have come to terms with the loss of my father early in life; 28. While I was actually an adult not a child when he breathed his last breath, I was emotionally still much a child as I was living in the same house as him and under his rules. In many ways, it was a large struggle all through my adolescence and adulthood to…

It is hard to write or express pain and suffering in any form. Firstly I would prefer that I never had or have any suffering to speak of and I wish that for all sentient beings. However I realize that life comes with suffering — not just my own but the pain I feel when I empathize with others who matter to me.

In the span of merely two weeks, I have heard the following stories of injustice and pain.

A female attendee at a technology conference had her modesty outraged by a total stranger. She keeps blaming herself when…

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When I teach positive psychology and resilience, 90% of what I teach is about having a healthy mindset (which sees the negative and positive and can balance the disequilibrium), being compassionate to others, having self-love and gratitude.

I have encouraged those in the training rooms to write a love letter to a loved one and it has been the toughest activity ever. It seems there is so much pain wrapped up in the love sometimes and we remember more the pain than the deepness of connection we feel with the person. Or there is some form of disappointment with ourselves…

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At the end of each year I do a retreat and review and reflect and assess the year. It is very helpful and can be painful. I have had years of regret and disappointment and that Christmas was filled with emptiness rather than joy.

I wondered many times what made one year wonderful and one year sh*t. In my earlier years, I assumed it was random. It assumed it was just a lucky year or not. However after I learnt Positive Psychology, the science of happiness I realized what happened was how I framed what happiness was. I also realized…

Marion Neubronner

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